Vaporwave REMIX

Probing writes to us in it’s video brief description

Confined to the small space we call home. A tiny bubble in a sea of emptiness. Everything else is cold. The outside world is full of neon lights. A stranger in the world they grew up in. But you are in a warm familiar space. Warmth surrounds you. In your hand a small cup of tea. Alone. It creeps in on you, but you try to fight back. Your existence doesn’t matter. Slowly the whimper, as you start up your PC and hear this sound.


What a wonderful way to portray those chill & eccentric vibes, you did it wonderfully

Amazingly well done I’d say the selection of art it’s pretty simple but it definitely makes it, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m assuming those are edits. Which is totally fine because we are talking about underground art here.

The music i feel it really chill, for sure. I like your work, keep it up.

If you are interested we could make some mashup between my work and yours!


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