Doing something is better than nothing – some Quartex info

Quartex concept art

That is the thought i hard-coded into my mind as i started to develop this idea of a community website.

I just need an excuse to build something creative on top of it.. I want to allow me to have fun without thinking this isn’t productive enogh.

And what is this Quartex thing you may ask?

In short Quartex is a site about topics of interest such as computer art, “underground” music (like for example synthwave), communication, information, sharing and linksharing(Non-piracy), etc.

The focus is on multimedia and blogging type of content, the formatting of text is casual.

This site will allow you to publish whatever you feel like, as long as it’s legal and have something to do with the context proposed.

My focus are short-posts with further information, and the individual “blogging” or “feed” aspect of each user, this is where everything you post and add to your profile can be visualized like it is an individual blog.

The philosophy behind it, would be something like “we build it as we go” and the context is built as we choose like for example allowing community suggestions, etc.

Some history

Well it starts a few years back when i thought about a space for sharing things i like, and getting those things in a certain order(as far as hobbies and curiosity can be put in order?). I have some experience with web/portals and CMS (Community Management System) because i had one a few/lot years back.

As the years got by i added some junk ideas, found some cool stuff that would fit “my artistic viewpoint of the internet”. So i thought this year, heck this is more than enough.

I even have the support of a few friends from the net, so I’m feel more than happy and have lot’s of confidence about this project..

What do i feel like getting from this?

I’m looking to learn doing FUN stuff, like for example I’m using WordPress for this one, it may not be the best fit but it feels like the easiest path, the chillest one too

It’s a natural way for me to extend my writing/understanding skills, and talking about topics otherwise i could not find a way to communicate.

Making new friends in the run! you are more than welcome to participate and publish

Distract myself, and get hooked into cool stuff I’ve been into all my life, but couldn’t talk about otherwise.

I feel like sharing information, resources, experience, etc..

I don’t know what else to put here, maybe I’ll update this post in the future

Any comment is more than welcome!

I am enough, this is enough, i will make something cool out of it, I’ll learn a lot from this. I will have some fun


I want to share a big thank you to all those who are part of internet culture, internet history and i want to tell you are all fascinating as individuals, and as groups.

Thanks for the inspiration, and the knowledge you share. Knowledge is power!


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