Next steps in the site Identity & Design

I’ve received so much feedback regarding the site layout and design and it’s amazing because this makes me realize top priorities.


Sachax said that there are bugs like this where the words lack spacing

That’s because i have to stylize it and give it html format in the template, there are so much of those details around the site, so if you see one, screen and link please.

The font looks badly in almost every part of the site, for example it’s too big, or doesn’t have proper space in between some areas.

Lunix posted a good layout, and i’ll have it in mind for the next big update 🙂

For now i plan to open the site to new visitors, start posting, fix little issues, and little layout thingies, but overall i will focus in site functioning and content presentation, some linkbuilding, and content creation.


The authorbox, it’s going to be like this basically, it’s a panel at the end of each post, where the user information and social networks will be shown (if choosen by the user obviously). It’s really simple and the purpose of it, it’s to reward and credit the content creator.

The post header toolbar:

As you can see i put together these widgets and the purpose is to show extra information about a post. And i have some ideas for the box on the right

This would be the new right box, for some user information, or post information, i have to think about it, because otherwise there will be too much repeated info.

The Home “Attention Box”

The idea is to make a slideshow or carousel, with minimal Javascript so it keeps lightweight, the purpose is simple, capturing attention and convincing the person to get involved, in short words, describe something, and make a call to action! 😀

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