Some images i’ve created [Cyberpunk Underground]

These are some images i’ve created to upload them to Instagram and twitter

I’ve made them only for fun and as a hobby. So i don’t pretend them to be more than they are, just some random stuff. Enjoy! :mrgreen: 

Programmed obsolescence with a typo, come on.

Whatever is this, i’m not so proud of it.

obsolence, obsolescence, obscolesce, portrais programmed obsolesce as a digital graffiti, captures the escence of a corrupted system
It reads obsolence, but i misspelled it. It should be obsolescence. I’m such a dumbass, too lazy to fix it tho. Whatever, the thing is we need to stop trashing electronics. We should not buy stupid trash created only to keep the consumption demand high.

Get me some orange juice so i can finish up my code.


It's an image with a digital graffiti which reads JUICE, portraying orange juice in digital graffiti, graff.
Have you seen my orange juice? I don’t know how to draw oranges, I’m so sorry to disapoint you.

We watch you to protect you, the eye is taking care of us.

Jokes aside, the image reflects a corrupted individual which belongs to a survelliance system which is supposed to exist to protect us. But actually benefits from the fact of exploiting our privacy. Internet privacy it’s a current problem and we should not allow for it to be kept away from us. Anyways, it’s purelly “artistic” portrayal of these facts. And actually, that’s like my opinion men. It’s made for a contest.

An image created for an instagram contest, it resembles a dystopic view of the current survelliance in our present world
A corrupted individual with acces to all of our personal data. The text in the image reads “We watch you to protect you”. And the background reads something like: We know about your thoughts, the eye watches us, they protect us, you cannot escape, join us.
The eye is good for all of us.

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