Some FTP’s sites to download retro files [Demoscene Downloads]

Korko asked me if I knew about any FTP’s. I put together a little list here. But most of you will have no use of it 🙂

What is an FTP site?

Fillezilla example connection to an ftp server
In this screenshot we can see a typical server listing in an FTP

Essentially it’s a server connected to internet, configured to server files via the File Transfer Protocol, you can use an FTP client to connect to it for example, fillezilla client. You can host your own server too. Typically nowadays it’s mostly used as an easy way to connect to your hosting provider if you have a website. In the present it’s still used to server direct downloads in some forums or web-sites but other solutions such as mediafire, google drive or mega are way more popular.

fillezilla download image

Some or most of FTP, can be accessed using the web browser but only for downloading. for example here’s a screenshot of
scene's org ftp via web browser

Here are the servers to connect:


ftp-aa2eced2 (web: – Scene file archive – Amiga demoscene related

ftp.pokefinder – C64 FTP Search (Commodore 64 related) – C64 demoscene, MS-Dos etc – Modules, chiptunes and more (Massive music collection!) – For Amiga users since 1991 (no warez here) – (Info-ZIP) zip/unzip for various platforms

5 thoughts on “Some FTP’s sites to download retro files [Demoscene Downloads]

  1. Nice of you to add some nice info!

    Some tag FTP on the street, meaning something else… But my brain say File Transfer Protocol 🙂

    Also… Filezilla is a nice and simple client for everyone.

    There are of course lot’s if other alternatives, ftp, lftp in linux etc