How to make a good post in quartex?

Speaking of posts, we have three basic types of post that we can accept in quartex.

  1. Quick posts that contain a link or two, a news story, or a video, some download or image.
  2. Medium posts containing a couple of links, some text, a video, images and some more little thing, usually with their own content.
  3. Extensive and more complete posts that can contain many information, images, videos, references, quotes to original sources.

How do we do a quick post but that is good and that feeds the site for search engines?

1 – Example of short Post, but that brings content to the site with a minimum of multimedia:

Let’s look at an example, I was just browsing around it’s a site that it’s been going on for a long time and News Feed is the perfect example for this case.

In this news post, we can see a simple but effective title, an image, a small summary and the original link to the article.

I would like to code a bot or utility within quartex that detects news an user has posted, and then consumes the summary atomagically from the source, but right now this is not a feature of the site.

So, basically a small post, consists of an image or multimedia, a link and a small summary, or some text that is related.

If the link is supposed to be clickable we have to do it with this button

If the post is very poor, does not contribute, but clutters the site, later I will programmatically filter the posts, and code some functions that maintain the order of the posts.

2 – Example of intermediate post, with own content, multimedia and links:

Here I show you an example, I am putting together this post in English, where I am writing down knowledge that I want to reinforce, as a side effect we have a quick reference at hand to be able to consult in the case you want to do something similar.

I already have the links to the wordpress reference or php manual, some github that I find useful or that has something to do with the post, and I write a couple of examples of code, as I do not know which image to use I simply use a screenshot.

As we see it has links, code, references, a title, images, etc. This is an ideal case.

3 – Example of post composed of multimedia, text, various subtitles:

This is a decent example and is the first big post I did in quartex, a little bit about quartex and wordpress.

It has content sorted from start to finish, the format is acceptable, and it has multimedia and nice things.

Sidebars en WordPress – Aprovechar su potencial en un sitio multiusuario

This article it’s poorly writen because i plan to update or write more about this matter in the future.

Apart from the need to set more examples of things that “go” in quartex as sacha says hahahahaha 😈

Another thing I’d like is to share “templates” or default post templates, so you can use them when sharing your things, just copying and pasting.

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