Today i’m organizing the Pages for Quartex. [Organization-Development]

Speaking about QuartexNet main sections and sections i decided that From now on i will follow a simple logic, the main “slug” will be used in “/en”. When i say slug i’m refering to WordPress url formatting in this case the slug is /blog, so “blog” will be used in /en/blog, In consequence in spanish it will be called blog-espanol. So if you go to it will give you the english version always. It’s a shame, but i will try to fix it later using .htaccess to redirect based on the language choice.

While i was writing this article i decided to use synonyms or similar words instead, because i feel like it looks better. when there is not an obvious word to use, i will use the method described above.

Networks is pending to be built, it is supposed to be a page to display Networks which are related in some way with QuartexNet.

The utility planned for this page is for it to be an easy link directory to everyone involved in QuartexNet, so it might be a two tab page where one is a display and the other is a form meant to input other networks.

Terms & Conditions Only displaying discord rules at the moment. Only in english atm.

Feeds & Categories:

I fixed the feeds and categories, for spanish it’s called “categorias”

Is the page for account activation if necessary.

Only in english.


Cookies policy:
At the moment i added a temporal cookies policy.

Only available in english.

Donations it’s a W.I.P at the moment

Posts Editor:
Status pending review – Doesn’t work, and the social login is broken

Directory is not ready:
The directory is supposed to be a directory of instagrams accounts of artists and creators.

Community page is pending translation at the moment.

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