Remote computer with only a phone.

You can have a completly remote experience using your phone for connecting to your computer. This is possible thanks to Google Remote Experience.

Google Remote Experience grants you access to, in principle, the mouse and the keyboard of your computer, and you can see the viewport as you will be in the computer, just with a limited view of a fraction of the viewport size, but a 100% view.

I think it’s a wonderfull idea, needless to say the confort or the experience to access to your computer things and have them ready for us when we sit in our PC. But let’s go further.

Thanks to this feature, we can access to all the programs in our PC (IDE’S, code editors, video editors, browsers, games, etc.) that means that we can create a whole new serie of User Experience (UX) and actually make a 1 like device, multiplayer games, collaborative software, etc.

Also, at last, a remarkable thing is that has a huge performance. I tested it with a phone that easily heated with games, and with this software, it didn’t.

Hope we see this feature in out daily life to save time and be more enjoyable.

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