Renderware Studio 3.7 SDK For Windows[old GTA Game engine]

This is the game engine used from GTA III to GTA San Andreas.

Made by Renderware

Available at the Internet Archive

The development environment on which the world’s masterpieces (including GTA) were made, or simply the engine from it. At the moment, this software is very outdated and is only suitable for modification of GTA, and other Renderware games from around that time or earlier. There are also plugins from 3d max, maya, software renderware and a lot of documentation. Please read the Installation Instructions included in the zip file before installing! 

IMPORTANT!!! For WINDOWS 98SE and XP users:

If, after a reboot, you receive error messages. For example: “Can not find AWD.DLL” or a similar file. When you try to start working with any of the Renderware utilities. You can fix the problem by copying the necessary files from the “sharedOpenExportbin” folder.

NOTE: Copy the contents of this folder ONLY and not everything.

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