◊A nice blog i found – geekvisit – PortForwarding – duck DNS◊

I was lurking around the net and came across a nice blog, i thought it could be a good idea to mention it here. ♣


I will paste here two articles i found interesting for quartex community! Ψ

◊How to configure WP-CLI with WordPress and Docker◊

Figured out this site uses wordpress so this might be useful for quartex administretor, so, hope it helps, keep it up!


ΔHow to port forward two HTTPS servers in the same networkΔ

This is useful if you want to serve two web services to the outside world in the same network of your home, with common equipment.

Dynamic DNS service duckdns it’s pretty good, does the job and it’s free!

Perfect for hosting some home service or videogame. It is better than no-ip!

You don’t have to claim or confirm your domains every now and then.

In no-ip they make you confirm domain name every month.



If you need more information on portforwarding you can always check this site:


Here’s twitter of geekvisit.


Automate unzip and delete on linux:


Ad free browsing with ublock origin:


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