Tools for port checking

Can you see me?

The eye (Nº 3)

In canyouseeme you can check if the address and port given return OPEN service.

GRC’s shields up!


in GRC shieldsup you can execute a variety of tests against your router public ip address

Is it down right now?

isitdownrightnow is a service which serves as checking tool for websites, for example you can know if a website is down simply by tiping it’s www address.

Port Forward

In portforward you can find information on every router and game you need to configure to play online, or software to host or connect for some reason.

How to allow an app to bypass router firewall or NAT, windows firewall too.

Routers are complex, but basically in this matter the obstacle you must surpass is SPI firewall and NAT militarized zone.

Take it as a game, first try it’s difficult, 100th time you do it, you’ll still will not remember how the **** you were supposed to port forward.

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