Cyberpunk-Neon Theme [Linux]

I casually found this so i’m posting it lol

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Cyberpunk Neon is a cyberpunk/outrun color scheme based on the Cyberpunk Neon Color Palette. This repository contains Cyberpunk Neon themes and icons for desktops, applications, CLI, websites and much more.

For an extended colorscheme, please check the Wiki.


First, clone this repository with git

git clone

And cd into the directory

cd Cyberpunk-Neon

Click on the element you are interested on the list above (via GitHub web interface) or see the subfolder README to get detailed instructions.


While I have not made those, I recommend using Breeze Hacked Cursor Theme (also available via AUR)


The content provided in this git repository is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0, which is available in the The sole exception is papirus-kolorizer script licensed under MIT.

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