“elon-start” website it’s a scam

There’s a new variation of BTC/ETH/DOGE scam on twitter, i was just looking at Elon’s tweet and noticed a spammer in the comments, using a display name, obviously it’s full of spaces and the handle isn’t even the same but i thought let’s investigate a littlte more to see what can i learn from this.

The website uses an old trick of pretending to be a brand new campaign into something, like an event or whatever, in this case is a “giveaway” for whatever reason, in my opinion it’s very poorly crafted. But it’s still credible enough for inexperienced users. Worth noting that, the landing page of the scam site looks fine, but once you click a link it gives you 2008 vibes lol

Also i couldn’t find the other comment where i got the link

scammer website: elon-start [dot] com

This screenshot screeams scammer alert lol

Clicking on the bitcoin link i found out the address and asked myself if i could report it, turns out, yes and it’s already reported.

¿How to report a bitcoin address?

Bitcoin Abuse

This program holds a database open to the public specifically aimed to catch users with ill-intent and stores the addresses of those that have already been caught. Thieves, suspicious wallet addresses, and scammers are all tracked from this site.

Bitcoin Who’s Who

This site allows you to see if the address you are sending or receiving from has been reported before. You can also check the wallet balance, find information on the user and other profiles. You can also use a person’s real name or email to see if any addresses of theirs have been reported.

And clicking on the DOGE link we can see this:

Look at this news article i got from bitcoin.com

The CEO of cyber-security firm Adaptiv, Justin Lister, has been tracking bitcoin sent to vanity addresses containing names such as Elon Musk, Telsa, or Spacex to promote BTC giveaway scams over the past month, Zdnet reported on Friday. Examples of such addresses are “1Musk…” or “1Elonmusk…”

He tracked down 66 addresses that have been reported to Bitcoinabuse.com, a public database of bitcoin addresses used by hackers and criminals. Using his research and data from the Bitcoin Abuse website, the news outlet found that a total of 214 BTC have been sent to the Elon Musk vanity addresses, which is more than $2 million at the current exchange rate. Since scammers do not just use vanity addresses, such as the one shown in the image above, the total amount they have raked in from this type of scam could be significantly more than $2 million.



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