Python Django Tutorial


The official docs

Django documentation | Django documentation | Django


Here are some quick intro guides

How to install Django | Django documentation | Django

FAQ: Installation | Django documentation | Django

Writing your first Django app, part 1 | Django documentation | Django


You need to be able to run python

Top 6 Django Compatible Hosting Services


Django – Integration with wordpress:

you need to install Django WordPress Api library inside your django application

pip install django-wordpress-api

After that, add wordpress_api inside the installed apps

INSTALLED_APPS += ('wordpress_api',)

Also, if you are using DWA Views (explained later) you need to add the wordpress_api urls in your application urls

url(r'^blog/', include('wordpress_api.urls')),

Finally, you need to set up the DWA required settings; WP_URL and BLOG_POSTS_PER_PAGE.

BLOG_POSTS_PER_PAGE = number-of-blogs-to-display-per-page

Simple django wordpress integration with Django WordPress API library

WYSIWYG editors:

Django-based CMS:

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