Photoshop Bug “Tempzxpsign” random folders on AppData Local folder

Issue: Random folders called Tempzxpsign and a random signature  for example ffdccf9dbb36b5e3
Solution 1:
Try this:

Just set current user’s TEMP same as global TEMP folder in your current user variables:

in CMD.exe

setx TMP ^%SystemRoot^%TEMP
setx TMP ^%SystemRoot^%TEMP

in .bat file as admin launched:

setx TEMP "%%SystemRoot%%TEMP"
setx TMP "%%SystemRoot%%TEMP"

Solution 2:
Modifying files:

Please do a google on “multiple folders in c drive with name tmpzxpsign*”…
among multiple solutions I tried renaming the file “C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Photoshop CC 2017 (32 Bit)ZXPSignLib-minimal.dll” which does this…
And so far no issue encountered.. You may give it try..
but on your own… 🙂

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