Acclaimed board game Gloomhaven’s digital adaptation leaves early access next month

Asmodee Digital’s video game adaptation of acclaimed co-op board game Gloomhaven is, after more than two years in Steam Early Access, getting its version 1.0 release on 20th October.

The original board game iteration of Gloomhaven, designed by Isaac Childres, is a sprawling, turn-based tactical dungeon crawler set in a persistent fantasy world that’s packed with characters, items, and scenarios, all gradually unlocking over the course of a 100+ hour campaign. It’s a thrilling, richly designed, and all-round fantastic RPG experience, and one that also happens to come in a box big enough to kill a man.

As such (plus the fact the original board game retails for around £100), the prospect of a cheaper, more manageable digital iteration of Gloomhaven is an enticing one indeed – and the good news is the PC release, developed by Flaming Fowl Studios, has been widely praised during early access. It isn’t quite a 1:1 interpretation (which Flaming Fowl say is neither possible or desirable), but all differences have been discussed with Childres and the end result is a “very faithful adaptation of the original gameplay and design.”

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