Blizzard announces Timewalking feature for World of Warcraft

Have you ever wanted to take in the sights and sounds of old Azeroth’s dungeons at Level 100, but do so without pinging out-levelled bosses with a single hit? In a post on World of Warcraft’s official website last night, Blizzard has revealed that you’ll soon be able to do exactly that by using a new Timewalking feature.

It works like this. As part of a whole series of weekend events being planned for the game, you’ll occasionally be able to participate in Timewalking weekends. During these special events, you’ll be able to queue up for one of WOW’s myriad old-school dungeons using the game’s dungeon finder, and tackle the content with the team that’s formed.

When you enter the dungeon, however, each character in the party will have their power and equipment scaled down drastically, ensuring that the dungeon presents a worthy challenge. Even more intriguing is Blizzard’s plans for the loot – whatever weapons and armour you scoop from the bosses during the visit will be scaled up when you leave, ensuring you have a level 100-appropriate reward for your efforts.

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