Crusader Kings 3’s Royal Court expansion will let you field petitions from atop your throne

Following the release of its smaller-scale Northern Lords DLC earlier this year, Paradox has announced Crusader Kings 3’s first major expansion, The Royal Court, which will be lording over its subjects from atop its throne later this year.

The Royal Court is both the name of the expansion and a new hub area being introduced as part of the paid DLC that, alongside its associated mechanics, will be exclusive to emperors and kings who’ve risen to the peak of their power. It’s intended to give high-level players new challenges and tasks to focus on, alongside their usual duties.

The court itself takes the form of a 3D throne room (visible from different angles and stylised to fit one of four cultures), that serves as something like a bridge between the map and characters. Here, players will be regularly petitioned by vassals and subjects seeking judgments on important matters of government, as well as somewhat pettier matters of person conflict. It’ll be up to players to choose a side in a bid to turn a disagreement to their advantage – perhaps pacifying a conflict or deliberately inciting one to reap the rewards.

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