Desperately seeking Salty: A WOW fishing tale

World of Warcraft turned ten on Sunday, and all throughout this week we’ll be marking the anniversary with a series of features from across Eurogamer’s editorial team. Having taken you through the game’s finest dungeon, today John tells the tale of how he bagged WOW’s most elusive achievement.

In a world packed with linear storylines, daily quests and gated dungeons, fishing has always been one of WOW’s purest role-playing pursuits. Grab a metaphorical chair, listen to the siren song of the game’s ethereal soundtrack, and embrace the gentle simplicity of a two button, click-to-cast minigame nestled within one of gaming’s most marvellous worlds. When everything was new, and before all was efficiency and magic became mundane, this element of WOW was every bit as beguiling to me as even the grandest design strokes.

Although the profession became more tangibly useful in subsequent expansions, fishing remained something gloriously useless – almost defiantly so, given the increasing richness of more carefully crafted content sprinkled lavishly throughout Azeroth. From my first days exploring the Night Elf starting island, to my very last when fatigue set in and I just stopped logging in one day, it remained one of my favourite activities in the game.

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