Don’t be surprised that just 2.2% of F2P players spend money

A recent survey of 10 million mobile gamers claimed only 2.2 per cent of the free-to-play audience spent any money at all. That’s worrying – does it mean developers are deliberately designing games to cater for the minuscule minority rather than the vast majority?

“That is a flawed and misleading assumption rooted in pre-digital thinking,” answered Nicholas Lovell, owner of Gamesbrief, a F2P-focused games business site. “It is based on the thinking that a person who does not pay is barely better than a pirate, an evil freeloader, who must be made to pay or else.

“F2P design assumes that the majority of people will never pay and that’s OK. They will be happy to wait rather than accelerate. They will choose not to spend money on wearables or status items. They will play the core experience, not every last facet of the game.

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