Paradox on the revival of its long-dormant society builder series in Victoria 3

Fans have been waiting almost a decade for word on a new instalment in Paradox Interactive’s much-loved society building series, Victoria, but that day has finally arrived with the announcement of Victoria 3. It’s still early days for this newest entry in the sprawling Industrial-Revolution-era grand strategy series, but we recently had the opportunity to chat with Victoria 3’s game director Martin Anward and game designer Mikael Andersson to find out a little more.

For those players who might not be familiar with the Victoria franchise, given the previous game is nearly a decade old, let’s start simply. What is Victoria?

Mikael Andersson: So Victoria is our society builder franchise. All our grand strategy games have some sort of niche and the historical period they’re in, but they also have a specific slant. So Crusader Kings, that’s like an RPG. For Victoria, though, it’s more like a management game.

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