The Double-A Team: Forget GoldenEye, the Die Hard Trilogy is the ultimate film tie-in

It’s often said that GoldenEye is the best film tie-in game out there. In truth, it’s actually a very close second place to the Die Hard Trilogy. I guess it’s an unfair fight. There’s only one of GoldenEye but, as the name suggests, there are three Die Hard games all rolled up into one glorious package! In the days when games were frightfully expensive and discounts were basically non-existent, how could any PlayStation 1 or Sega Saturn owner resist this?!

I played Die Hard Trilogy long before I ever watched any of the films, which just meant I learned to love the games on their own merits before growing up a bit and discovering just how clever they were.

There was the original Die Hard game. A third-person shooter, you negotiated a series of floors within Nakatomi Plaza, attempting to rescue hostages while also shooting every bad guy possible. It was somewhat repetitive (a common theme throughout the games) but in an enjoyable way. There were plenty of different guns to collect along and you’d soon end up having favourites. Obviously, the best was anything automatic that fired plenty of bullets. After all, there were loads of enemies to contend with. I’m fairly confident that John McClane, in the Die Hard Trilogy, killed more bad guys than he ever did in the film versions.

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