The final hours of City of Heroes

On the last night of the world, things are surprisingly quiet. There’s the occasional alien invasion, just for old time’s sake. In hidden laboratories, mad scientists who haven’t heard the news that City of Heroes is to be shut down at midnight continue their plans to conquer a doomed world. Civilians find themselves alone in empty streets. “Where’s a hero when you need them?” they sigh.

Tonight, they’re mostly in Atlas Park, Paragon City’s central hub. They’ve fought demons and psychic clockwork monsters and evil cultists and gods and ghosts and vampires, but they can’t fight destiny. As I log in to join the final hours of the best superhero MMO ever made, they stand united with flaming torches and the occasional generic protest sign from the emote bank, collectively staring into the eye of destruction and daring it to blink.

Well, that’s the idea. Unfortunately, due to the positioning of a giant statue of modern hero Atlas bent over in front of City Hall by the weight of the world on his shoulders, in practice everyone here is spending their last few hours staring deep into a giant stone anus.

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