Visit Eve Online in Oculus Rift

What do you get if you combine Eve Online with the Oculus Rift? A loud enough whoop to knock the roof off this year’s FanFest in Reykjavik, followed by the kind of queues God himself has never seen to have a go. I’m actually writing this in advance of the announcement, but I’m quietly confident. One of the most beautiful space games ever. Virtual reality. 1500 people who travelled to Iceland to celebrate Eve Online. There will be whooping.

Luckily, I had a chance to play it earlier on, and can confirm that it’s worth it. Should the opportunity to play it present itself, snap it up. If you’re at FanFest and thinking you’ll skip the queue for some reason, go stand in it right now. Really. Impossibly long or not, you will bitterly regret if it you don’t, possibly to the extent of enlisting the girl at the tattoo booth downstairs to ink on a permanent mark of shame. But why make two mistakes at one event?

To be clear though, this isn’t actually Eve Online VR, but a Unity powered, 3×3 dogfighting game using some of its assets and put together by CCP employees as a side-project. It’s called EVR. It’s not a finished game. The official CCP line is that no decisions have been made about its future – whether it gets the resources to become an actual Oculus Rift game/Eve spin-off, is just brought out this time next year as a FanFest tradition, or is never played again.

A game only lasts three minutes, most of it spent staring and going “Oooh…” and trying not to make any unfortunate faces for unseen people to cruelly shoot with their camera-phones. This was my first time with an Oculus Rift, and while the experience was naturally a bit blurry and unkind to my glasses-wearing, astigmatic eyes, it was still hugely impressive.

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