Waiting for the end of the world: City of Heroes retrospective

City of Heroes wasn’t even close to the first MMORPG I ever played, but it was the first that understood that even Level 1 can feel awesome. It didn’t simply let you play as a superhero. It let you feel like a superhero, hurling fire, swinging swords, controlling the minds of lesser men and more. Best of all, with a character creation system no MMORPG has ever beaten, it was your superhero. Other people might have the same powers. None would be quite like you.

Unless you’d just copied Batman, obviously. Then all bets were off.

Sadly, all things come to an end. This Friday, night falls on the City of Heroes for the last time. The servers are being switched off. Never again will Frostfire glance out of his base and shake his head at the sight of heroes skiing around on his ice-ramps instead of coming to fight him. No more will Perez Park confuse the hell out of newcomers, or anything secretly turn out to be a Nemesis plot.

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