Frequently Asked Questions

¿What is Quartex.net?

Quartex.net is an enthusiast web-portal, about technology, internet & videogames more than anything. It’s community driven and is meant to provide utility, tools, content & services.

It’s a work in progress, it was born without a clear purpose more than to exist through time and to be useful. I personally find it useful to grow my knowledge and to share it.

I have so much to add, but i can put into words right now.

tl;dr Quartex is about internet techy stuff.

¿Why the name?

I’ve been into cracktros(demoscene tunes) and retro computer stuff from some time, last summer(2020) i started listening more and more of these tunes. Everytime i liked a song i would investigate a little about the group itself, listen to other songs, read some info & a little about computer history, idk typical 3am random waste of time. So i eventually came along Quartex, a Commodore Amiga demoscene group. Well, i checked the domain name, it was available. I couldn’t believe it because it’s a really nice name for a random website lol. So my first thought was checking if Quartex was still active as a group, which from my very very detailed investigation (ehem at the time i didn’t know about pouet or demoozo lol sorry), i just thought they weren’t releasing anymore. If i’ve had known otherwise, out of respect, i probably wouldn’t have used it, given that this website is about similar topics.

I mean this website doesn’t have anything to do with a demoscene group, but i like to share random stuff so it could be missunderstood as being the group itself. We don’t want you all to be confused as we are impersonating them or whatever, so i’m being clear before anything happens :mrgreen: .

So in short, for the name, credits are for the demoscene group known as Quartex. Take it as a tribute to demoscene.

tl;dr Quartex were a computer group from the 90’s and i give them credits for the name.

¿Quartex Demoscene what?

I remember this is one of the tunes i listened to(i can’t find the one i liked the most but this one is really cool)

This one is simply epic



Stands for Quartex Network, it’s for everything related to our networking project. We want to network with other projects of similar topics and help each other.

¿And what about QTX?

Tag yourself with [QTX] in any game, you are free to be part of the Quartex 😉

now all your base belong to us.

Jokes aside i’d like this to be a thing. the future will tell i suppose. There’s effectivelly an idea to build a gaming network.

On the other hand there will be something like QTX Team meant for devs, moderators, content creators etc.

¿Who are you all?

Well this is a community, obviously for now we are some friends here and there, the objective it’s for people to join and be part of the project, participate & collaborate. I think it has to grow naturally. there will be initiative from our side obviouslly, but you(maybe) can’t get a remote idea of how much work does it take to create something like quartex.net

At this moment there is no clear staff, we have some friends here

I’m Korko an internet wizzard. woosh.

¿What are your official communication channels?

QuartexNet automatic syndication feeds are on twitter & tumblr


quartexnet.wordpress.com * unused

We have an instagram too:


¿How can i donate?

We are working on this