Friends & Collaborators

QuartexNet has many friends across the net, here we will keep an updated list of people or communities, specially those who helped the project grow. This section is more personal than anything else, but it will probably evolve into something more Quartexed..

(This is not a link exchange page, it’s only for collaborators and friends)

Markski he is a friend of many years which has helped me a lot, from learning to being there whenever i needed. He is very trustable person and is really skilled at coding. He’s been involved into QTX and has showed support and advice. Greets my friend, thank you!



Lorddesert/Sacha he’s a random rare spawn, from last year(2020) amazingly well timed, as always. hahah jokes aside, very nice person, has showed extreme interest in this project. He helped me a lot, specially design & UI/UX. Has some real skills at frontend development. I thank you for your collaboration in TheQuartex code.



I’ll update this page soon..

-TheKorko :mrgreen: