Quartex is a web Portal which allows to Express ourselves

Connecting and Sharing with other persons with the same interests you have.
We can play something, share some links or media, tell some histories or even teach something.

We share media, ask Questions and Connect with Friends.

Quartex integrates itself with mainstream networks and boosts your idea /concept
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Some images i’ve created [Cyberpunk Underground]

An image created for an instagram contest, it resembles a dystopic view of the current survelliance in our present world

A corrupted individual with acces to all of our personal data. The text in the image reads "We watch you to protect you"...

This is the Quartex
I am what I am
You are what you are

You and only you have the power


Remote computer with only a phone.


You can have a completly remote experience using your phone for connecting to your computer. This is possible thanks to ...

Front Line Assembly – Mechanical Soul (2021)


What do you think about FLA’s new album? For me it was not as good as FLAvour of the Weak or Hard Wired and some o...

Prism Syntax Highlighter [Integration-Libraries]

Prism is a lightweight simple Syntax Highlighter for websites...



Emojis and Icons for your website

emojis, happy, sad, get, emojis

Get emoji This site is really useful when you need to copy paste emojis in your social networks using a web browser. htt...

Gta San Andreas – Gang Warfare


Gang warfare is a gameplay feature in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is available upon completion of Sweet‘s...

Solid Snake Computer


PETSCII Editor – Online

http://petscii.krissz.hu edit by thekorko, added screenshot....



Python Django Tutorial

DOCS: The official docs Django documentation | Django documentation | Django How-To: Here are some quick intro guides Ho...

External Feeds explained.

External Feeds Our external feeds section will show some news feeds, and blog articles from previously selected websites...