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We can play something, share some links or media, tell some histories or even teach something.

We share media, ask Questions and Connect with Friends.

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“Just cope with it” by korko [Digital Graffiti]

just cope with it

It's an image i've made intended for using as a wallpaper since i find the color purple so relaxing. 🤩...


GTA 5 texture graffitis by korko [MOD] – easy ...

Cope digital graffiti in grand theft auto five

Download a GTA V texture mod by quartex.net...


Some videos about Photoshop and digital graffiti

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=glitch+effect+photoshop  ...


Texture modding GTA V guide [Updatable]

Once you've added your textures to the .ytd file, you can also replace the individual files inside it, so let's say you ...


◊A nice blog i found – geekvisit – Por...

I was lurking around the net and came across a nice blog, i thought it could be a good idea to mention it here. ♣ http...




  Try AnsiLove.js – AnsiLove.js – Textmode-Art For Your Browser http://www.roysac.com/tools/ansilove/defaul...


Remote computer with only a phone.


You can have a completly remote experience using your phone for connecting to your computer. This is possible thanks to ...


Prism Syntax Highlighter [Integration-Libraries]

Prism is a lightweight simple Syntax Highlighter for websites...


Emojis and Icons for your website

emojis, happy, sad, get, emojis

Get emoji This site is really useful when you need to copy paste emojis in your social networks using a web browser. htt...


Gta San Andreas – Gang Warfare


Gang warfare is a gameplay feature in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is available upon completion of Sweet‘s...


Python Django Tutorial

DOCS: The official docs Django documentation | Django documentation | Django How-To: Here are some quick intro guides Ho...


External Feeds explained.

External Feeds Our external feeds section will show some news feeds, and blog articles from previously selected websites...


Some news!

QuartexNet announcements



Mr Blurry is going to be a cartoon star.

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The XSSRat.

Cool dude, amazing content! go on and learn! Tweets by theXSSrat...