Quartex is a web Portal which allows to Express ourselves

Connecting and Sharing with other persons with the same interests you have.
We can play something, share some links or media, tell some histories or even teach something.

We share media, ask Questions and Connect with Friends.

Quartex integrates itself with mainstream networks and boosts your idea /concept
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Yet another way of sharing our minds[DigitalArt]

Companies are constantly trying to get to know what’s on our thoughts and i don’t think that’s cool. S...


Old games mirrors

Tactical OPS Assault on Terror Hot Rod American Street Drag http://www.mediafire.com/folder/3ncts0gcqo12x/Old_games...


“elon-start” website it’s a scam

There’s a new variation of BTC/ETH/DOGE scam on twitter, i was just looking at Elon’s tweet and noticed a sp...


Nueva notebook de 7 pantallas!!!!


Les presento la Aurora 7, una notebook de 7 pantallas. Les dejo el link...


I published my first repo with code snippets


I’ve just published my first repo, it’s purpose is to store some examples i write, i’m happy The first...


Tips & Tricks download from the wayback machine

Get the HTML without the wayback machine interface. just add id_ after the timestamp: web.archive.org/web/20150901185758...


How to make a good post in quartex?

Here i will show you an example in depth for what kind of posts i can imagine we could post on quartex.net. I really hop...


[News]Local root EOP via sudo


I leave the link to the news, because otherwise i get banned jsjs. 👿 Sudo vulnerability allows attackers to gain root...


Windows 10: Windows SysMain 100% disk usage

Just put this simple line of code in the CMD or PowerShell: sc stop "SysMain" & sc config "SysMain" start=disabled...


1 TB – tardigade.io cloud storage

Tardigrade I share this for you, you just have to use Filezilla. It's a free 1 terabyte cloud/cloud, not I know how ...


UR Browser a proposal…

An interesting proposal for which you don't want to set up firefox, and not just that. https://www.ur-browser.com/en...


QuartexNet discord server

I need help to set it up, i mean i know how to do it, but if anyone is interested :p (Thanks) https://discord.gg/eFUS2Ex...


Wallpaper aesthetic #00001 by thekorko

wallpaper, aestetic, vaporwave, windows95, quartex, thequartex, project, cute, old, retrowave

  I got this new resources so i thought it would be fun to make a wallpaper, enjoy!...


Vaporwave REMIX

Probing writes to us in it’s video brief description Confined to the small space we call home. A tiny bubble in a ...